Hello! we are Clover Lee,

We are a studio that specialises in capturing weddings, with both photography and videography.

Weddings are innate unique experiences that needs a keen eye and a passionate personality to immortalise. We like to think that Clover Lee captures that essence of expertise and passion.

We love being visual storytellers, especially knowing the fact that we are creating lifelong heirlooms for these couples to cherish for years to come.

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Our Style of Shooting

Being an all-encompassing team of passionate professionals, our style is both vast and specific. We like to capture the nuances of the atmosphere, the story behind the couples, and the overall ambience from the ceremony to the reception in a cinematic style that is unique to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to my session?

I always tell my clients to wear something that makes them feel comfortable and confident. And by comfortable I don’t mean wear sweats. 🙂 Sometimes if you wear something you wouldn’t normally wear it makes you feel uncomfortable and that can show through to the pictures. But if you’re wearing something that makes you feel empowered and that makes you feel awesome, that also shows through to the pictures!
You can check out my pin boards with outfit ideas for engagement sessions and family sessions!

Do you travel?

Yes! If you’re planning a wedding (or even just have a cool idea for a engagement session location) out of town, out of state or in another country, feel free to bring me with you! I do charge a travel fee that reimburses me for any travel expenses. Each travel fee is calculated specifically for the required travel for your event (plane fare, lodging, rental car, etc.)

Do you pick the location of our session or do we?

If you have a location in mind, want to go back to the location you proposed, or just like the look of a location, please let me know I’d love to accommodate that! (keep in mind that some locations have photography restrictions or photography fees) But if you’re at a loss I’d be happy to suggest a location, if I don’t have one immediately in mind I will do research to find a great backdrop for our session!

Will my photos be edited?

Yes, every single one! I go through each of your images and make sure they’re exactly how I intend them to look!

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes! I have multiple camera bodies, memory cards, batteries, etc. in case anything were to go wrong. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that though!

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