Hello! we are Clover Lee,

We are a team of passionate film makers based in Sri Lanka filming world wide. We believe in the small unseen moments just as much as the big spectacle of the day. We desire to create films that not only preserve these memories for your future, but act as a time machine allowing you to relive your wedding day so that you can laugh at that speech, cry at those vows, and feel all of those emotions once more.

We want to show your story of love filled with raw emotions, soulful gestures & unforgettable moments.

Weddings are innate unique experiences that need a keen eye and a passionate personality to immortalise. We like to think that Clover Lee captures that essence of expertise and passion.

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Our Style of Shooting

Being an all-encompassing team of passionate professionals, our style is both vast and specific. We like to capture the nuances of the atmosphere, the story behind the couples, and the overall ambience from the ceremony to the reception in a cinematic style that is unique to us.

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